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This year I am teaching High School Science, as well as Entrepreneurship, in Westchester County New York. Please stay tuned for student projects and classroom renovations. I am currently working to build a student library for use in research projects and engineering activities. Our classroom needs books about how computers work and how to grow plants. Students are encouraged to read during free time, after quizzes and for gathering project information. I am also interested in obtaining and preparing a small fleet of "thin-client" workstations so students can explore computer programming and experience the power of open-source computing. In addition to providing access to the Internet and online apps (Google Drive for example) Students could easily wire these single-board computers to a variety of sensors including thermometers, motion sensors, hygrometers, light sensors, cameras- all sorts of things that could be used in taking lab data or otherwise analyzing phenomena. This page will contain links to crowd funding campaigns to meet these goals! Be sure to check back soon!
(This is a wonderful example of just one of the directions I would like to take this:

Students of mine (as well as any other educators) can find my online course page that I am building at this link.
While you must be enrolled in one of my courses to gain access to the Google Classroom I will try and put as much as I can on the course page for public access.

Here you can find video tutorials and walkthroughs that I have made in the past.

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The above wish lists are for initiatives at my place of work. If you are
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I cannot offer any donation gifts (yet) however I truly appreciate any help you may provide. Thank you!

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