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After eight (and a quarter!) years of teaching I have moved on to a new career in Data Science. I have enjoyed my time teaching- Science, including Physics and Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering topics and Entrepreneurship. The students and their families were a pleasure to work with and I thank you all for the support you have given me over the years. I will leave my teaching resources up for as long as possible. You (student, educator, what have you) should feel free to reach out with any and all questions, comments or concerns regarding teaching topics and I will do whatever I am able to assist!

Students of mine (as well as any other educators) can find my online course page at this link.
With my resignation from teaching I am unsure how long that account with stay active but I will leave the link up for the meantime.

Here you can find video tutorials and walkthroughs that I have made in the past.

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The above wish lists are for initiatives at my place of work. If you are
interested in helping me get my own Science initiatives off the ground
please consider donating with paypal.

I cannot offer any donation gifts (yet) however I truly appreciate any help you may provide. Thank you!

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