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      Welcome to my online project page. Here I would like to outline my professional goals and post updates on projects and progress. My dream is to use my love of learning to serve my family, friends and community. I would teach my Science students that learning is fuel for imagination and creativity. It is one of humanities greatest sources of hope. I believe much of the suffering endured today can be addressed by learning how we humans commune with Nature and the physical world at a fundemental level- the ways in which humans access and use energy. In Science energy is the ability to do work- that means all of the work that is ever done requires energy. From building a skyscraper to maintaing the pH of your blood- work requires energy. Economists call energy 'the master resource', as all economic goods and services require it. Studying the chemistry of energy consumption can help us use our modern sources of energy more efficiently and with less waste. More affordable technologies can make cleaner burning fuels more accessible to everyday consumers and cultivating domestic sources of biofuels can make our energy supply more self-relient. The sustainable nature of biofuels can also make our energy supply stable- which adds to our energy security. My plan is to fund my small (for-profit) research and development lab with grants, crowd-funding proposals and internet donations (see below!) as well as with personal monies (I currently work as a data analyst.) I also hope to commercialize some innovations of my own. Please check out the projects page to see what I've been up to and thank you for your interest!

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