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Geidel, K. L. (2010, March). An Analysis of the Proto-Planetary Disks Surrounding Young Stellar Objects in the Small Magellanic Cloud. [PDF]

Keller, L. D., Sloan, G. C., Oliveira, J. M., Kraemer, K. E., van Loon, J. T., Wood, P. R., Zijlstra, A. A., Simon, J. D., Ferreira, R., Garay-MacLean, M., Hyatt, J. T., Geidel, K., Quinn, J., Santoro, D., & Knapp, T. (2019).
  Identification of herbig ae/be stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud. The Astrophysical Journal, 878(2), 147. [PDF]

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